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Not by chance can the most effective loyalty schemes come in.
Working with a company that specializes in loyalty programs for CRM and B2B is helpful during the program’s planning and implementation and makes it easier to achieve the objectives.
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Agency Loyalty, a rewarding content marketing platform for agencies, helps marketers to provide a strong network of agencies with a program that focuses on growing encouragement and revenue for agencies. The loyalty program, which allows regional special campaigns to be produced and therefore takes care of the needs of the agencies, also enables the agency and the hotels to develop effective and sound contact.

The program will not produce the full result if appealing deals are not given to the agents who make up the sales channel inside B2B rewards programs. Knowing that the result of the awards is almost nothing is very significant! The rich selection of awards also makes the program more competitive and increases the degree of loyalty of the participants to the organization. Users see the value they create with a rewarding online platform that includes thousands of exciting awards. You decide all the awards with Agency Loyalty, and you can plan in-hotel awards or regional gift certificates all by yourself if you like.

Successful loyalty programs assist in maintaining good and direct contact with members in the program. With customized mail and notes, club-like online networks and special campaigns, you can make your sales channels and agencies feel more linked to the program. Big awards also make members more loyal to the brand, as emotional intimacy is developed.

While collecting and storing data is extremely simple today, it takes expertise to do this correctly and in a healthy way. As one of the most important skills, we consider using comprehensive analysis methods and thus being able to respond to changing goals in real time. We offer consulting, if you wish to make this knowledge relevant.

Agency Loyalty is a platform that can be used by anyone so that companies can consistently track the campaigns, easily see their points, and easily pick their rewards. At the same time, the mobile application network, where all tools are used efficiently, guarantees a seamless and beautiful experience for both users and those running the software.

Agency Loyalty functions as a mobile application on both IOS and Android Platforms. How would you like to have your agents in your pocket? Are you ready to start your agency sales with instant push notifications by hitting your agencies at any moment, announcing promotions and activities to your agencies?

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